The Freng family of Mid & South-eastern Wisconsin

We love cupcakes

The girls were in a photo shoot put on by Three Cheers Creative. John’s (Backflip Films partner) son Rowan was also in the shoot. Being filmmakers, we decided to bring our video equipment along and shoot the shoot. The cupcakery was very tight, especially when you add 9 adults and 5 kids into the entrance, so filming was interesting. We ended up with enough good footage to put together a short video.

Special thanks to Chris Ballew aka Caspar Babypants for letting us use his song ‘Ramshackle’ to provide the perfect ambiance for the piece. Best kid music ever:

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  • Kitchen Wall: The Final Days pt 2

    Step 2: Electrical

    Electrical was coming down in three different locations in the removed walls so we needed to consolidate them down to a new column.

    This is a view from the kitchen. You can see the different places electrical is coming down.

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  • Kitchen Wall: The Final Days pt 1

    We always thought our kitchen/living/dining room area was too closed off. It seemed like two rooms that really should be one. What did we do to fix it? We removed the wall of course. Here’s how we did it. (The photos are from my iPhone so please ignore the quality)



    Check out after the break for more info and photos.
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  • WordPress Multisite!

    We are moving many of our blogs (and there are many) into a WordPress Multisite setup. What does that mean for you? Not much except that there will be more posts. From one instance of WordPress (blog software) I can edit ALL of our blogs. This includes:

    I’m very excited =)

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  • All the way to Norway.

    Peder & Anne Freng & children

    I work at a library and stumbled upon the Freng genealogy while working on the catalog. It starts with the first known Freng in the line Andreas Eriksen Lund-Freng, the first Freng to own the farm in Norway, and goes all the way down to my fathers generation.

    Check it out: Burget & Freng family tree

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  • Hannah’s Birth at Home


    We’re happy to announce the birth of our second child Hannah Perpetua Freng. Born Thursday July 29th at 1:47am. She was 7lbs 4oz, and 20 3/4″ long at birth. Just to give perspective, Clare was 9lbs 4oz and 22″ long.

    We had Hannah at home and it was a phenomenal experience. Check out after the break for the play-by-play.
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    2005 Kia Sedona

    Monica and I are now the proud owners of our first minivan!  We purchased on Tuesday a 2005 Kia Sedona.

    It is loaded =)  At 76k miles, this EX comes standard with a large sound system, power seats/windows and a DVD player.  We weren’t looking for all the bells and whistles, but it was the right price.

    More pictures after the break.

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  • Photo Update: May-June

    Another photo update. This covers May and June. We went to the Carrano’s for a Memorial Day Party, had a party at our house for Preston and Mary, and went to Concerts on the Square. Rowan Shoemaker also came over for a visit while John came over for a meeting.  We also spent about a week in California for the Google IO 2010 conference for Ryan’s work.



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  • Google IO Day 2

    8: 30 Keynote

    • Android 2.2 Froyo
      1. Speed increase
      2. enterprise improvements
      3. Services in sdk, push sdk (push to intent), tethering and hotspot
      4. Browser much faster, flash
      5. market, better advertising:
    • Google TV
      • Integrates seamlessly the web and tv
      • ‘Companion Box’ that sits between your tv device (cable/dish/dvr) and tv

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  • Google IO

    Day 1 of Google I/O. I’ll have another post tomorrow for day 2.

    9:00 Keynote

    • HTML5 awesomeness.

      • webm: vp8+vorbis for video with video tag
      • Adobe
        • talking about dreamweaver, multiple device view, different css’ based on window size. Illustrator can create css styles.
        • animations managed with css editor, based on states
        • supporting vp8 in their apps
    • Google:
      • hard for users to find web apps
      • Chrome web store!!!!
      • Lego Star Wars on chrome web store!!!! Zing

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